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The surrounding area continued to grow as a residential neighborhood and the demand for acute medical service in the area continued to grow with it.
The facilities were renovated in 1919, and expanded in 1928, with two additional floors and a new rear wing.
That year also saw the introduction of the electrocardiogram advancing the diagnosis of heart problems.

By the 1950's the original physical plant could no longer meet the needs of a modern medical institution.
The NYC Department of Hospitals commenced a major construction project, building a new hospital south of the original building and renovating the old hospital as a facility for the chronically ill.

In 1956 the current 500 bed Coney Island Hospital opened. The old structure was renamed the Hammet Pavillion, in recognition of Dr. John E. Hammett, President of the Hospital Medical Board at the time of the 1956 construction.

Department of Hospitals


1940's- unknown station





         The ambulance station moved to a new building next door in 1956,

          complete with a hydraulic lift to service ambulances on site.




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The International Metro on right was an ambulance during the 60's, sporting the old gray and blue paint. Here it's retired, used as Al Simons Station Supply Truck. 











 The NYC Health and Hospitals Corporation was established in 1970, replacing the Department of Hospitals, and all municipal ambulance operations throughout the city were transferred to the newly established Emergency Medical Service.

The Coney Island Hospital Ambulance Station was designated NYC*EMS Station 31..









Photo Rodney Dreifuss


     The next major upgrade in ambulance service came in May 1978,when NYC*EMS inaugurated a Paramedic Ambulance at the station.

    Paramedic units, capable of initiating advanced cardiac and trauma care, defibrillation, IV medication administration, and endotracheal intubation, brought many of the
lifesaving techniques utilized within the Emergency Department directly to the patient.


 In 1978, Medic 385 was the second of two Medic units operating in Brooklyn.




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