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The first municipal ambulance in the City of Brooklyn, owned by the Department of Health, is stationed at Long Island College Hospital, servicing the Western District of Brooklyn.



A first aid station is established on the beach at West 3rd Street to provide emergency treatment for minor injuries. 



Undertaker Stillwell provides cart for transport of the injured .


June 1894

Ambulance service is established at the Summer Reception Hospital. Owned by the Department of Health, the ambulance completes 152 calls in its first year.

Dr. Morris T. Servis appointed Ambulance Surgeon in exchange for board.


August 11,1896

The Oceanic Hotel on Surf Avenue and West 8 Street is leased for summer hospital.


July 1, 1898

Ambulance service established at Kings County Hospital.

June 26,1901

The Coney Island Reception Hospital opens on the northwest corner of Sea Breeze Avenue and West 2 Street. The two story, six bed emergency hospital is open only from April to October each year.

The Brooklyn Railroad Company provides an ambulance car twice daily to Park Circle which meets an ambulance from Kings County Hospital.


May 18, 1910

The Coney Island Hospital, funded by the Department of Public Charities, opens in a four story structure, with a 100 bed capacity. 

Additional buildings include: The Ambulance House and Stable; The Nurses Home; The Employees’ Building; The Power Plant and Laundry; and The Morgue.



The Sea Gate Reception Hospital, which provides free emergency care and ambulance service during the summer at the beach and West 26 Street, disassociates from the American Life Saving Society, and moves to West 28 Street.



The current Coney Island Hospital is erected and the old hospital, renamed the Hammett Pavilion, is completely renovated, providing a capacity of approximately 460 beds. The current Ambulance Station opens.



Ambulance Service is transferred from the Department of Hospitals to the Health & Hospitals Corporation’s Emergency Medical Service.


May 1978

Paramedic Ambulance service begins at Coney Island Hospital, with online medical control provided by Kings County and Bellevue Hospitals.



The Emergency Department is enlarged and renovated, complete with CT Scanner and Trauma suites.


March 17, 1996

The Emergency Medical Service is transferred from the Health & Hospital Corporation to the New York City Fire Department.